Most people and organizations stick to a strong privacy rule of shredding every last piece of paper that provides any personal or private details of their lives. You can’t seem to be too careful. With each day comes a new announcement of breaches of personal information by some person or company; hackers are attacking like fire ants in the hot east coast afternoon.

As we’ve seen the last trailing edge of paper disappear through the high priced cross cutting blades, we are satisfied that we have destroyed the item.

Have you ever belonged to something; a group, a community or an organization you felt so passionate about that you couldn’t imagine doing anything else? Most people have had that feeling before. But, what about when they exited that stage and surrendered their membership and no longer an active part of the machine; what did they feel then. I hope it was pleasant and were allowed to leave on terms that left the feeling of fulfillment, value and fond memories.

I have also belonged to something and felt that passion.  I like to think I was great, that I served a purpose and created a positive impact. It was my second child, next to the beautiful daughter I carried for nine months and gave birth to. I have many good memories. Those good memories are a bit dull and tarnished by the negative memories I sometimetimes feel; overwhelmed by leaving without well-wishes and promises to stay in touch; I wasnt even discarded.

I was shredded. Shredding wasn’t even enough. I was shredded and then burned; making sure that even the most skilled person would ever be able to re-assemble the remnants. My ashes still solder, after many rains, ice and snow. It burns. Some would argue I’ve gotten what I deserve and they may be right, who knows.

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