The Train

Have you ever taken a passenger train to a destination, work or personal travel? Making your way across country, seated in comfortable roomy seat, electrical outlets, extended leg room along with leg rests, a formal dining car, concessions available for your purchase, large windows to view the countryside as you pass by, and a car labeled “observation” made of comfy individual or group seats that are surrounded by windows for a full view of your surroundings to come and go.

This train is somewhat symbolic of life when things are going well; even somewhat so when things are not as perfect as we would like. The common denominator is the speed at which we breeze along the still world outside. Those still features of towns, trees and fields are the moments we miss while traveling along.

We become so distracted with the accommodations, comforts and discomforts inside that we forget to slow down and take in our true surroundings. No longer amazed at the moments we will miss seeing the first words, steps, days of school, performances, activities and achievements of our children. We begin to neglect our loved ones and their needs. Once upon a time, we were consumed with tunnel vision of what truly matters and makes the heart happy.

How did I end up on this train? I don’t recall purchasing the ticket or boarding for a trip I’d gladly miss in exchange for what I am missing or for what I miss because I no longer have or can ever redo. Now I anxiously listen for the conductor to announce the next stop so I can step off and find the quickest way to return to my point of origin, Home.

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