Step On a Crack

We all remember those childhood rhymes ‘step on a crack, break your mother’s back,’ right? However, at that point in our pleasant naitivity we never once thought about how those phrases and sayings would take hold on to us as we age. Age with beautiful, well-earned gray hairs, changes in the flesh that we speak of as if they were some terrible scar that we should hide; and my favorite facial wrinkles. Those wrinkles are well earned and tell a long story of the life I’ve lived, more accurate than my words can ever tell. Those lines by my eyes; they tell you that I have smiled a lot, worried greatly and had many thoughts of great consternation. Why should I or better, would I hide the lines that speak great volumes of the many chapters of this life.

These changes are well earned and should be worn with pride as a badge of honor that say ‘I Have Survived.’  I have lost ones that I love, seen friends succumb to their demons and fought lions. Yes, I have fought lions. Hungry, blood thirsty lions that run in a dirty pride and have attacked me at my weakest. Those lions though, cannot survive without the support of the rest of the pride.  Their numbers are lessened by the one whom dares to take them on or refuses to give ground.

But, who will step in to the center of the pride and challenge their reign?  Perhaps I will be that one little girl that dares greatly and fears not of stepping on a crack. She has seen every crack, bravely taken that step and broken their back, and in the end earned one more line that can only be seen if you get close enough, or can get close enough..her new favorite line, scar or imperfection.  No, that is her perfection!  Continue reading