Bullying or Criticism

Yesterday and today have been a bit challenging.  I must decide how I feel and will react to decisions that I feel are unjust and have no control over.  I may either roll with the tide as it ebbs and flows or stand firm in my beliefs and draw the line in the sand.  Many of us are faced with the decision of how we will react to similar situations each day.  My challenge is that my moral compass is so intense that I could not willingly ignore the morals, values and sense of right if I tried.  What does one do in this situation?  It is sink or swim.  Sink while trying to hold another above water, or swim in shark infested waters while bleeding from the gaping wound that was last inflicted?

This internal debate makes me weak.  Not in the sense of giving in (I can’t and I won’t), but weak mentally.  It feels like running a marathon each day, but for some reason I keeping running.

I have included a few short thoughts or statements that I have come up with and occasionally reflect on when I am in that marathon with another 6 miles to go.

  • It is not the criticism that I fear; it is how persuasive the critic can be in getting others to believe their opinions.
  • I can accept the criticism, if the critic can accept that in the end I was right.
  • Be careful to choose your own critics. Accept their critique with the value you place in the critic.
  • I don’t need you to point out my flaws. I am already aware of them.
  • When you find yourself fighting out of vengeance and spite, instead of your cause; it is time to get out.
  • What doesn’t kill you doesn’t make you stronger.  It leaves scars.  Scars that remind you that you have survived, that the enemy got close enough to inflict the injury and the memories of the battle.